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At we help brands in Europe design, develop and produce fashion collections in Asia. 

Experience in creating complete collections in Asia | wtrade

At we have:

  • Knowledge of the fashion sector and market in Asia and Europe.

  • Professional experience in the fields of design, production, purchase and sale.

  • Experience in managing fashion import and export companies.

  • Experience in creating complete collections, clothing, accessories, jewellery, styling and design, selection of materials and creation.

  • Multi-lingual team- English, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish and Mandarin

Our approach is simple. 
We make sure that everything is on time, at the best quality and at the lowest cost.

Fashion design and production in Asia at best quality and lowest cost | wtrade

 Each project is developed as follows:


Preparation: fabrics, colors, materials, prints, styles, accessories and details, ideas and concepts.


Development & Approvals:

proto samples, custom fabric, strike offs, labelling, order approvals.


Production: production samples, quality control, packaging, document preparation, shipment, logistics.


Tarana Suri | wtrade

Tarana Suri

Tarana Suri, is a fashion industry expert with over 20 years of experience across international markets from Bali, Delhi, Istanbul to Barcelona.


She started her career in New York and since then has worked with highly successful brands, leading design teams to success.


She currently runs her own freelance design studio in Barcelona, specializing in developing new fashion brands and creating on trend yet commercial collections for clients such as Zara, Mango, Primark etc. 

Suman Sahgal | wtrade
Jose Iraolagoitia Iriondo | wtrade

Suman Sahgal

Suman Sahgal is a historic figure in the Indian fashion industry with over 40 years of experience in product development.


From 1999 to 2008, she worked at IndoSpanish- a buying and sourcing agency, working to develop apparel and accessories for key spanish brands. She also ran her own factory, producing collections inhouse for over 8 years. Skilled in sourcing and production management in India, she has built impressive partnerships with key suppliers in this market.


Over the past 10 years, Suman has run her own agency managing the sourcing, development, production and logistics for European brands looking to produce in India and her expertise extends from apparel, leather, shawls to home textiles

Jose Iraolagoitia Iriondo

Jose Iraolagoitia Iriondo, has worked in the fashion sector for thirty-five years, initially starting in the world of accessories, working as a freelancer for fashion brands, helping develop and sell collections. In 1996 he founded Laga, a global fashion brand targeting the fashion markets in Europe, USA, Japan and China with its own stores and through retail partnerships.


Responsible for both design and development, he led the different teams located in India,China, Italy and Thailand. He then worked as a consultant, developing collections for fashion brands in Spain. Later he founded Hitz, a brand with its own stores in the Basque Country market and distribution in selected outlets. In 2015 he began his work at Lookiero as director of  purchasing and collection design. He has been a member of the board of the Basque Fashion Association and various international fashion events.

Jose has travelled extensively to fashion markets, fairs, catwalks, exhibitions and congresses, to find the most interesting materials, key inspiration and the best suppliers to make collections.


Arbil Irigoyen

Arbil Irigoyen has had a clear passion for fabrics, colours and patterns since she was a child.  In 2000 she moved to Barcelona to study in Fashion Design at the ESDi school, Ramon LLul University, and after 4 years in the capital she started to work in a sports fashion company. 


Returning to Gipuzkoa and she started collaborating as a freelance for several fashion brands, located in the Basque Country, finally joining the LAGA brand team in 2006. For six years she worked to create and develop clothing and accessories for women in India, China, Italy and Thailand. 


Currently Arbil along with her sister, runs the fashion brand Soule.

Sourcing and development | wtrade
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